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Apprenticeship Facts

An Apprenticeship is an excellent way of getting started in your chosen career. You will have a paid job whilst also working towards an Apprenticeship in your industry area.

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Ready to get out into the world, start working and earning a living? Discover the future that's waiting for you, build valuable skills and get on the path to success. An apprenticeship gives you practical on-the-job experience, essential learning tools and all-important qualifications that will last you a lifetime, wherever tomorrow takes you.

  • Work Experience — You’ll have a real job that you’ll spend a majority of your time doing. Whether you’re an engineer, lawyer or business administrator you’ll be doing the same work as someone else in your job who wasn’t doing an apprenticeship.
  • Mentor — You’ll get a workplace mentor who is someone that has lots of industry experience to support you through your job and qualification
  • Qualification — whether you’re working towards a qualification equivalent to GCSEs or up to a master level, you’ll get something!
  • Workplace skills — developing the skills you need for the workplace and boosting your job prospects, your long-term career progression, and earning potential!

Working at least 30 hours a week, you'll gain most of the training you need in the workplace. Employers make time available for your study, which will total a minimum of 20% off the job training. Respected by employers across the world, an apprenticeship will lead to a national qualification, with a network of support available to give you all the help you need to do well. It's also in your employers' interest to help you succeed. And all your training will be designed with your employer. So, you can relax in the knowledge that you're learning the right stuff to get you ahead.

It is an appealing route for many students because it begins with a job and gives you immediate work experience, which is valuable for future employment. 

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Apprenticeship Facts

✔️ We are currently training over 1500 Apprentices
✔️ We are currently supporting over 850 employers
✔️ We offer over 65 Apprenticeship Programmes
✔️ The average salary for Apprentices paid by the employers we support is £189.96 per week, meaning our vacancies are paying £53.46 per week on average more than the National Minimum Wage for Apprenticeships

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