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Our Apprenticeship Heroes

our apprenticeship heroes

Unsung heroes of the classroom, learning support and teaching assistants are a big and increasingly influential part of education. You could be taking a supporting role in children’s development and put yourself on a valuable career path.

Did you know that people supporting teaching and learning in schools account for nearly half the total schools workforce?

Every member of school staff has an important role to play in ensuring that pupils and students get an excellent education, the government believes, and in the best schools, well-deployed teaching assistants support teachers in achieving excellent results with pupils.

The government’s vision is to widen the range of qualifications for all staff supporting teaching and learning in schools not only to meet the needs of schools, but to make sure there are opportunities for career progression and transfer to other roles across the children's workforce.

That’s good news for apprentices in supporting teaching and learning as it opens doors across the profession.

Teaching & Learning Apprenticeships