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Extended Opportunities across the Eastern Education Group

Across the Eastern Education Group, students can extend their knowledge outside the curriculum through various educational experiences including events, work experience, clubs and societies and educational visits.

Enrichment at West Suffolk College

Clubs play a vital role in college life. While students attend college primarily to learn and succeed academically, we recognise that those who really enjoy college life are often engaged in a variety of enrichment activities. These activities not only allow students to acquire new skills, but also offer opportunities to create friendships, unwind, and have a good time - all of which contribute to overall success.

The diverse range of clubs and societies offered across the group enhances and expands the curriculum and participation is open to all students, regardless of the course you’re studying. Students can take part in our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and Sustainability programmes, act as ambassadors for these areas, and lead on charity events throughout the year. We take pride in welcoming various speakers to talk about current events and topics of interest.

Student Leadership

Within the group, students have the chance to take the lead within their curriculum areas and extra-curricular activities, as student ambassadors and student union officers. These students:

  • Represent the college at open events, host tours with parents and prospective students
  • Act as a role model for both current and prospective students
  • Embody college ethos and values
  • Take an active role in the community and at external events
  • Support and lead within subject areas

Educational Visits

An exceptional range of trips are available to students within the group, ranging from sporting events and competitions to curriculum-aligned activities, workshops and visits to universities and businesses. These opportunities give students the chance to broaden their horizons, enhance interpersonal skills and develop their resilience.

Over the last year, students from across the group have visited countries such as Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam, Tanzania and South Korea. Many of these experiences have been linked to the United Nations sustainability goals, providing students with opportunity to volunteer and fundraise for charity.