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What are T Levels?

T Levels are a qualification you can take after your GCSEs or Technical Awards, offering an alternative to A Levels. Each qualification lasts two years and is equivalent to three A-Levels.  Like Apprenticeships, T Levels provide a chance for you to learn on the job. The main difference is that classroom learning accounts for 80% of your time with a T Level while your industry placement makes up the other 20%. Each placement is at least 315 hours long (that’s roughly 45 days!) What makes T Levels unique is that they have been specially designed with employers and businesses so as soon as you qualify you can step straight into your chosen career, higher apprenticeship or degree confident that you are equipped with all the industry knowledge you need to succeed.

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Our T Level Courses

We offer a variety of subjects to study for a T-level qualification, to apply for some of these courses you will need to apply within the Department area. To complete the application process you will need to register, or login if you already have a user account. Once you apply for your chosen area, you will have the opportunity to discuss the T Level course you are interested in at the interview stage.

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If you're an employer

Industry placements give young people studying towards a technical qualification practical experience directly related to their course, helping prepare them for the world of work. All of our students at West Suffolk College aged 16-18 must complete a form of placement with an external employer; this can be a regular work placement or a 315-hour industry placement. If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can help then click the link below. 

Get in touch with a course advisor: 

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