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Our wraparound support team at West Suffolk College work hard to support and advise all our students when they are experiencing difficulties both inside and outside of college. They are trained to recognise the signs of more serious issues and support and refer students where necessary.

We have put together some useful information for all parents and careers of young adults, which we hope you will find useful.

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Mental Health workshops - NHS

These workshops aim to provide parents with information and guidance around mental health and emotional wellbeing using an accessible and interactive format. This format encourages the sharing of experiences of parents, enabling them to feel understood, less isolated, as well as providing opportunities to learn from one another.

The team is made up of senior mental health clinicians who have worked in specialist mental health services. They have both generic and specialist skills and are trained across the life-span to work with both children and adults.

For information on earlier workshops, how to access the recordings, and links to other aspects of NSFT, please visit