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Frequently Asked Questions - Job Shop for Employers

We've put together some of the questions we get asked below most frequently by Employers. Please read our FAQ below and if you're not sure of anything, feel free to get in touch. 

How can I advertise a vacancy with you?

To advertise a vacancy just go to Job Shop for Employers and click on the Got a Job to fill box. Complete the form and we will do the rest

How long can the advert be advertised?

Usually we allow for 6 weeks to advertise a vacancy however you can specify the closing date you wish, and we will keep to that

Can I extend the closing date if it has not been filled?

Yes, you can, if you haven’t filled the vacancy just let us know and we will extend the date for you

I want to offer work experience can I still use this form?

Certainly, the form is designed to cover all offers of help from employers

I don’t have a job to fill but would like to offer support of a class talk, industry placement, lead a project etc – how do I get involved?

That is fine, you can still use the form just fill in your contact details and on boxes with an Asterix just put digit in to bypass it, then go to the bottom of the form where you can choose the options you are able to offer.

How many vacancies can I advertise at any one time?

You are welcome to advertise as many as you have to offer us

If I have multiple vacancies available, do I have to list them separately or can they go on one form?

Ideally a separate form would be best if roles, salaries and other details are different but if you have a lot we realise it could be time consuming and so if you complete the main part of the form then email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the different roles etc and we can do the rest

Can I specify age requirements on my vacancy advert?

We need to be aware of discrimination however there are some roles which can only be offered to those students aged 18 and above so in those circumstance this is allowed

If I fill the vacancy do I need to inform you?

Yes please, if the vacancy is filled before the closing date then we would appreciate you letting us know so we can remove it. It would also help us to know if one the successful candidate was a student

Will students apply via the Job Shop or apply directly?

We encourage students to apply to you directly however students can complete an expression of interest form so that we can help them with finding and applying for vacancies

I would like to take on an apprentice, can you help me with this?

Absolutely, if you complete the Employer vacancy form, we will pass this on to our apprenticeship team who will contact you to advise on the process.