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franstine 850pxFranstine Jones with students at West Suffolk College. 

Franstine Jones, who made history as the first woman to be elected president of the National Black Police Association; visited West Suffolk College on Friday to deliver an inspiring session on equality and diversity to over 40 Public Services and Health and Social Care students.

Franstine who is from Ipswich, runs her own business - Binspyred where she runs coaching and mentoring and training sessions on equality and diversity in a range of different settings and is extremely passionate about using her platform to educate others.

Drawing upon her own personal experiences Franstine who has also been nominated as one of Suffolk’s 100 most inspirational women felt it was important to demonstrate the need for equality by putting the students in the roles of people who come under the 9 protected characteristics of the Equality Act.

Franstine asked the students questions such as do you feel safe walking alone at night and do you feel positively represented to get them thinking by putting them in the positions of people who are exposed to discrimination.

Franstine stressed the importance of activities such as these: ‘Young people really have to feel it to be able to fully understand and one day some of these students may be touched by prejudice in some form; I want to inspire and mentor them and to encourage them to embrace diversity.’

Ellisha Soanes, Careers Coach at the college said: ‘I wanted Franstine to come in to really educate our students on how vital equality and diversity is in our society today. Even though our students do have an understanding I think it has been so beneficial for them to hear from someone who is an expert in this field and it was a real eye opener for them.’

In what seems to be the start of a great partnership, Franstine also invited the students to the Pause, Rewind: Suffolk Stop and Search Conference 2019 in Ipswich on 1st March where there will be an honest, open discussion about Stop & Search and race discrimination in Suffolk.