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The interview process

If you’re applying for a full time course, you’ll be invited to interview to discuss your interest in the course, and for us to assess your suitability, in particular for the level of course you’re applying for.

Understanding a bit more about you will help us make sure you've chosen the right subject and course. It will establish that you have the potential to succeed at that level, and if there is any support you might need along the way.

Interviews also give you a chance to see the College, meet staff and ask questions.

What are we looking for at your interview?

A successful interview comes from being relaxed and clear about your reasons for wanting to study at West Suffolk College.

We would like you to talk about what interests in your chosen course and explain how it fits into your plans for the future.

We’re looking for a clear signs of motivation, commitment and organisation.

The interview is an informal discussion. There are no trick questions, instead we’ll try to get you talking about yourself, your previous or current education, your interests outside school and your future aspirations.

The interview is just one part of the admissions process which also includes the application form, an assessment of your most recent school report, and in some cases reviewing the work you are asked to submit at interview (e.g. portfolio for art and design courses).

What else happens during my interview?

Aside from the discussion, you’ll meet some of the team responsible for the course as well as other students who have applied for your course.

It’s a good time to meet the Careers and Connections team too, who can help answer general questions about the College, about student life at West Suffolk College, progression opportunities and choosing your course.

How do I know if my interview was successful?

During your interview we'll complete a record of interview form. The form will make clear our decision – which may be unconditional, may be dependent upon the grades you achieve in GCSEs, or may require us to have further information.

We’ll make your offer clear to you at the time and in a letter within two weeks of your interview.