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“You divide the bill, will you?”, “Don’t ask me to write that card, you know my handwriting’s not great…” It’s always possible to get by, or to find ways to work around things, but you can get so much more out of life if you work at improving your English, maths and IT knowledge and skills.

While good English and maths play an important part in finding and maintaining employment, they give you a real advantage in everyday life. From simple things like dealing with money, to more critical problems of understanding contracts or insurance policies, your grasp of English and maths will help you.

If you left education early or didn’t get the grades you wanted you can still do a lot to improve your maths English and IT skills with West Suffolk College.

In small and informal groups of like minded people, you will be able to brush up your core skills painlessly. Teaching isn’t much like school – you’ll find things have moved on a bit – but it is run by experienced tutors who are keen to help you do as much as you feel possible.

You can take different levels of qualification from entry level, to Level 1, 2 and GCSE. Classes run daytime or evenings at most locations throughout Suffolk, so you can choose which course best suits your needs.

All our qualifications are valued by employers and could be used to gain entry to other courses including degree.

Functional Skills courses typically take 15 weeks and start at various dates throughout the year. GCSEs take 30 weeks (a full academic year) and start in September. There are regular study days and revision days during the year in addition to the term time classes. All English and maths courses are free of charge if you do not currently hold a GCSE or equivalent at Grade C / Grade 4 or above.

Adult Education Courses