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The European Social Fund Supports

PLACE 21 – The NASCENT Programme (2020 – 2023)

New Anglia Skills Convergence Enterprise Network for Training


NASCENT 2.1, NASCENT 2.2, and RYPE (the Rural Youth Pledge for Employment Project)

NASCENT is the latest project to come out of the PLACE 21 stable.  The NASCENT project is all about bringing industry and education closer together.  What students learn in the classroom needs to be supplemented by what they learn from people who have made the transition from learning to earning. 

The word NASCENT suggests something emerging.  It means “in the earliest stages of development”, according to the Cambridge English Dictionary.  In this project NASCENT is also an acronym:  it stands for New Anglia Skills Convergence Enterprise Network for Training.  That’s quite a mouthful!  But the words imply that this is something for the New Anglia region, and it involves a convergence of skills (from the classroom to the workplace); and it encompasses the idea of Enterprise and training.

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Careers Road Map Project

The goal of the project was to gather industry professionals from the film industry and to cover each department involved during pre-production and production of film, music video or commercial. We sent the creatives a list of questions and asked them to answer by recording themselves  in ‘’selfie type recording format’’. The goal of the project is to give a better understanding of what film process is like and what it takes be involved in a real production, that way students can explore areas that they weren’t aware of and pursue a career in a dedicated path.


Here are a few examples: