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You have to want to change things for change to happen. It’s not a big commitment, but this is a real opportunity for you and for employers to discover what you’re capable of doing – and it could lead you just where you’d like to be.

The Access to Apprenticeships training programme is a short, taster course that will introduce to you work and reintroduce you to study in an easy way, helping uncover new possibilities.

The course lasts six months, split between work placement and college time supporting your work and your development – helping you prepare for a full time job, further education or an apprenticeship.

While there’s no guarantee of a job at the end for the programme, you will get a reference from your work placement, all the support you need to build up your CV, a Level 1 employability qualification, support with English and maths, and a whole lot of useful experience to demonstrate your capability.

Most people who take the traineeship programme go on to take an apprenticeship, to do a full time course, or go straight into work.

To take a Traineeship, you must not be in a job and have little or no work experience, but want to find work. Traineeships start throughout the year. We’ll help you find the right employer for the work placement through many established relationships with firms in the region.