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Ever fancied yourself as a fire starter? If you’d rather be behind the spotlight, or if you’d just like your name on lights, you’re the kind of a backstage grafter we’re after.

production arts 1

What’s it all about?

The technical side of theatre makes it more dramatic. It might seem to be a backstage role, but its impact on the audience is at least as big as the onstage action.

Conservatoire East, like any working theatre needs its production and technical team. On this fast-paced course you will learn and perform that role, supporting the season’s productions of straight plays, drama, musical theatre, comedies, music gigs and media screenings, on your way to becoming a qualified technician.

What will I do?

You will learn technical skills in lighting design, stage management, sound engineering, scenic construction and production management as well as the vital personal skill of working as part of a team.

You learn the skills on rotation, getting practical experience by working on the events in the season. You will also have at least one opportunity to tour backstage and watch a West End production.

Lighting for Sound

The Production Arts students have been working on this project since the start of term and they have created lighting states and sequences that complement the mood/journey of their chosen piece of music. They have had to consider the potential physical restrictions of the space and equipment. Are the lanterns intelligent or generic fixtures? How do they move, what angle, what focus, which type of lamp or which gel colour? The students have then planned and programmed all lighting changes to a time code so once they start their music sequence and press Go on their first cue, the lights then change automatically throughout the rest of their piece. It’s a very exciting and emotive project – with no performers on the stage but the audience immersed in sound and light…if you’re joining us on the live stream I suggest you wear headphones, and turn the volume up!


Where could it take me?

Most production arts and technical people continue their education at degree level at a university, drama or arts school, generally choosing to specialise in either lighting, sound, sets or stage management.

What people say

“My passion for production arts comes from a love of theatre and appreciating the extra ‘behind the scenes’ elements that put the wow factor into a show!”

Han Schofield Lecturer, Conservatoire EAST