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Our music, media and broadcasting school is developing future film producers, composers, broadcasters, lighting and sound engineers and musical artists.

With nearly 250 students engaged in the creative arts, we pride ourselves on giving our students the best possible start to their future career. The UK Creative Industries is valued at £91.8bn, with sustained growth over the last five years. There are jobs and opportunities readily available in all sectors of the industry, and it is our job to nurture, encourage and train our students to give them the head start they need to become successful.

Our ethos

We all love what we do and this radiates to our students. Our resolve is to share this passion with our students, using industry experience and examples to nurture, challenge and train our students to ensure they are in the best possible position to forge a career within their chosen industry. We ensure students have the connections, the character strengths and the right qualifications to succeed. Coming to college should be a positive and enjoyable experience, but also challenging and meaningful – every student should leave our classes with something new to work on and continue to grow and develop as the term continues.


The School offers qualifications from Level 1 through to Level 4, with students on all courses given the opportunity to collaborate within a creative hub. For example, Level 2 Media students may work with Level 2 Music Production students to create a film, using visual and audio. The Multimedia Journalism students may then review this, with the Level 4 Creative Arts students then managing online promotion and links to businesses. In essence, we have our own in-house creative hub, allowing students to build from an initial concept in to a fully completed production - view our documentaries about the production of the short film, Maximus. The expectation is that students continue to work through each level, upon successful completion of a course and complete at least 15 hours additional study outside of timetabled sessions.

We deliver our courses using an escalator model, whereby each level has a specific focus to enable the student to fully prepare for their next level of study / employment. This links to assessment design and projects which take place across our courses. While the main focus is on the creative industries, we realise the need to develop our students’ personal and social well-being, developing specific character strengths at a given level of study:

  • Career and progression guidance is integral to the delivery of each course. What we teach, the projects we design and the experience given to our students prepares them for the industry. Students are given careers guidance as part of the course. We set targets, review aspirations and ensure students all have a clear path for their next area of study or employment. In year two (Level 3) we spend the first term looking at Universities and UCAS and help students apply. A number of students continue to study with us on Level 4 (which is free if the student is under 19 when the course starts) and then either progress to University or straight in to freelance work.
  • Our alumni are working in top industry jobs around the world. We have students touring the world, composing music for films and adverts, working on Hollywood sets, producing VFX for feature films and filming television programmes. However it’s not all about the ‘top jobs’. We have hundreds of students working in the industry in supportive roles,