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16-18 Enrolment Guide

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Sophie & Lucy's Experience

About College Life

Late nights fuelled by a thirst for perfection are built in. As a creative designer you want to make every job the best thing you’ve ever done. You will get there, whatever it takes, and it takes plenty.

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What’s it all about?

The power of great design ideas is so well known and appreciated that it’s a wonder there’s still so much bad design out there. You’re going to change that.

On this course you’ll get an introduction to graphic design and advertising. It’s highly creative environment. You’ll develop the skills and techniques to produce creative ideas and realise them using industry standard tools.

What will I do?

We mix Apple desktop and more traditional, studio-based techniques such as drawing and printing to help you develop your visual communication skills.

You will have access to a range of professional standard hardware and software including InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. Photography is a core part of the first year of the course and you will learn how to use cameras and even a darkroom.

Where could it take me?

Students from West Suffolk College regularly win uni places for the quality of their work – you will produce lots and lots during the course. Students also progress to freelance and trainee positions within the photographic and creative industries.

Students have recently worked on live briefs for 20th Century Fox, Talk Talk and Radio 1. Successful former students come back to present their work and advise current students about the business. Every year, several students stay with the Art School and continue their design education on our degrees at University Studies at West Suffolk College.

What people say

“The work we produce on the Level 3 and degree courses is among the best in the country – it comes from hard work and an unbiased environment.”

Sian Horn, Lecturer in Graphic Design