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What’s it all about?

This course will guide you through the design and creation of Computer Games and the gaming industry, whether your wandering the world of Azeroth, parachuting from a crazy bus in the sky, or streaming E-sports on Twitch you would have experienced the excitement and inclusion that the computer games industry creates. This course will give you the opportunity and skills to create new stories and build new worlds to explore, preparing you for progression onto University or Employment. We believe games students should be making games so from the first minute you start the course you will be building, coding, playing and designing inspiring and creative games. Each student will become part of LCH Games our inhouse gaming company aiming on releasing games through IOS, Android and Steam platforms in the coming years. This is the ideal course for creative and technical learners who have a passion for games and want to have an exciting gaming experience with industry focus.

What will I do?

The first 4 units are designed to be skills driven with tutor led workshops used to develop your design skillset. These sessions will introduce you to Photoshop for character design, game sprites, level design and concept artwork, Unity for 2D and 3D game creation, 3D Modelling with Autodesk MAYA and C# Coding with Mono Develop. These workshops will guide you through the full development process and result in completed games at the end of each project.

This base of skills will then be further developed with the production of Independent and group based projects, where the games and assets you create are based upon wider world themes, the results of which will be entered into the BAFTA Young Game Designer awards and tie in with the TES award winning M.A.R.S Project. These briefs will add additional skills to your arsenal such as game sound and more advanced coding techniques such as AI.

The final project of the year is self-directed and written bespoke for you by you. This provides an opportunity to choose what area you want to focus upon, be it 2D, 3D, game sound, character design or rigging to name a few. The results of this project will generate your overall grade of Pass, Merit or Distinction.

Year 2 is focused towards your individual progression and the construction of a world class gaming focused portfolio. This is your time to shine, and show off your skills in bespoke projects directed at each of the specialist areas. You will be able to focus upon your chosen pathways from year 1 and build upon these skills to develop inspiring games and artwork. These units allow for expansive thinking and experimentation, it's a time to take risks and create stunning visuals and exciting game mechanics. These projects are used to create the work needed for your University portfolios and job interviews. Each of you will create a digital portfolio and website as well as learn how to pitch and present your ideas at an industry level. The final project of the course will form your final grade of Pass, Merit or Distinction. This project is the last one you will create with us and you will be pushed to produce outcomes to the very highest standards, ready for submission or game release.

Year 2 students will take on the extra responsibility of being project leads for our in house games studio LCH games.

Where could it take me?

The course is the first step into a rewarding and challenging career in the creative industries. The digital, design, media and gaming sectors are vast and growing rapidly. If you work hard - this course will genuinely lead to employment in this world. We have an excellent track record of this.

A vast majority of our level 3 students progress to universities in the UK and internationally. We have an outstanding record and reputation for this. The course provides the entry requirements and portfolio evidence for successful application.

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What people say

"Students love to be around like-minded other people – becoming more and more skilled and confident in the one thing they are driven by. Working in digital arts and entertainment is so exciting and the possibilities are now endless – develop the products, images, sounds and visions of the future! How cool is that!"

Derek Johnson - Director of The School of Art and Design