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Delight, frustration, exhilaration, madness and endless laughter, no two minutes are alike, but one thing is certain. The rewards of overseeing the welfare and development of children are unique.

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What’s it all about?

As more and more people choose to return to work after having children, the need for well-qualified and experienced child carers multiply. It’s a function of our increasingly busy lives, but also an opportunity for children to gain a wider experience of life early on.

Your influence over play and learning at a critical age will help to shape the next generation. No pressure.

What will I do?

An important part of childcare courses is work placement, where you will be getting first hand experience of being covered in paint and crayon. But while all that’s going on you’ll be gaining valuable insight to inform your study of child psychology, learning and play, development, safeguarding and supporting numeracy and literacy.

Where could it take me?

With the experience you gain on placements in schools and nurseries you should be well equipped to progress to an apprenticeship or to uni to learn primary school teaching, child psychology. If you complete the Level 3 course you will be licensed to practice so could go straight into work.