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There are boundless opportunities in the construction industry attracting everyone from craftsmen to designers, ground workers to high flyers. You’ll like construction especially if you like variety, travel and the satisfaction of being part of something, er... concrete...

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What’s it all about?

Buildings of every kind have a life. They are conceived as an idea, then a plan; they are designed and built with equal care and cared for during their lives. They might even have several lives with different uses until finally their materials are recycled into new structures when their life is completed.

But what goes up must not come down, at least not without a demolition crew and appropriate safety equipment. The weight of regulation in construction makes it an increasingly technical industry where solid qualifications are the essential groundwork for everyone, craftsman or planner.

What will I do?

Everyone involved in any aspect of construction today must learn a much wider set of skills and behaviours than a trade might traditionally have required. At the Milburn Campus, our dedicated construction teaching building you will learn everything it takes to be successful in your chosen trade or study area.

There’s a lot of practical work learning the tools as well as the theory and the methods of construction. If you’re studying Construction and the Built Environment you’ll concentrate on gaining an all round understanding of the industry.

Where could it take me?

Self-employment is popular among independent tradesmen working under contract to small and large firms of developers and construction companies. But there are many small and large construction companies with a more traditional structure – you can choose between small scale craft based companies operating locally, or specialist firms with an international reputation, or join one of the national builders or civil engineers and explore wider opportunities within the industry.

What people say

“Masters of crafts are a vital part of every community. Their buildings stand for decades, even centuries, a lasting part of the landscape. The talents you develop are hugely rewarding and will benefit you in life and society as a whole.”

Dave Wood, Lecturer in Brickwork