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The UK government sees STEM skills as crucial for the country's productivity. It has spent almost £1billion over the last ten years on initiatives to encourage the uptake of STEM subjects.

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Despite this, shortages of technical-level skills in sectors that depend on STEM subjects have been identified. These skills shortages have been described by the government as 'one of our key economic problems' and with the exit from the European Union on the horizon, there are worries that these problems could be exacerbated.

There's a definite need for STEM skills and graduates and our courses will give you the skills and knowledge to progress into a range of different scientific disciplines. There is a diverse range of scientific skills and expertise within the team, allowing the teaching team to draw on both their academic and industrial experience. We aim to provide students with a range of enrichment activities throughout the year to provide additional context and enhance your learning experience.

Our courses provide you with the knowledge, skills and behaviours to progress onto your chosen profession within Science.

Where could it take me?

The applied science sector is becoming increasingly diverse and many industries use these skill sets such as:

  • Biomedical Science
  • Laboratory Technicians across multiple disciplines
  • Forensic Science/Crime Scene Investigation
  • Analytical Science
  • Toxicology
  • Environmental Science
  • Quality control and Assurance
  • Psychology/Criminology/Probation Service
  • Health and Safety officers
  • Actuaries, economists and statisticians
  • Teaching and other educational professionals

What can I do next?

You can progress in a multitude of ways from one of our science courses. Many students progress onto university, studying a variety of courses dependent on their interests and future goals. This has included such diverse subjects as Biomedical Science, Midwifery, Law, Environmental, Forensic Science, Psychology, Sport and Nutrition and many more.

Previous students have also progressed onto be Apprentice Laboratory Technicians in a multitude of industries, gaining valuable work experience and the opportunity to study to degree level as well.

Science qualifications also open many doors into industries that are not traditionally considered part of the science or STEM world as students have lots of transferable skills which can apply to virtually any industry.

Typical careers vary by Scientific area but there are significant numbers either currently available or projected to become available. Salary is dependent on the field and the seniority of the post you are working in. In the current climate, science couldn’t be more important. Our world is rapidly changing and we face a variety of challenges from secure food and water supplies, clean air and pollution, medical and scientific advances as well as social, ethical and economic impacts on our world.

Industry statistics

In 2020 – 2027, there is a 5.9% expected growth in specialist scientist roles creating 6,300 biomedical jobs. In the same period, 40.3% of the workforce is projected to retire, creating 42,600 new job openings. In the same time frame, 37% in the CSI/Policing roles will be required in addition to 40% of the current workforce expected to retire equating to an approximation of 42,000 and 65,000 new roles within the field of Biomedical and Forensic Science. Environmental professionals expect to see a 5.1% growth and 39.9% of the workforce is expected to retire from 2020-2027 creating more than 16,800 jobs.

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Ask us a Question

If there is anything more you would like to know about this course, please message us here.

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