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Since we last wrote to you, things have changed significantly. We have entered a lockdown and there has been a great deal of discussion about what this means for all our students, particularly those who are about to take their BTEC exams.  

At 6:00pm on 5 January, the Government gave schools and colleges the option as to whether or not to run the vocational exams planned this week if they determine it is safe to do so.

With exams scheduled to start on 6 January this puts us all in a very difficult situation. We know that there are students who want to take the exams, and we are aware that for others the prospect of an exam in lockdown is causing some significant stress and concern.

We have considered things carefully and want to give every student the opportunity to take the exam if they so wish – without penalising any student if they do not feel able to do so. That is why we are offering two options:

  • We will continue to run the exams, as planned, for students who feel comfortable coming to college and would like the opportunity to take an exam. We will be open and ready to support.
  • If students have any concerns/or are unable to travel to the college, then there is no obligation to attend.

We are in unusual times, and we know this is an unusual step to take but we are committed to meeting all our students’ needs. Please be assured that whatever decision you make, you have our full support. There are no right or wrong decision to make – just do what is right for you.

Due to the timing of this, we are limited in the support we can offer this evening. Please do speak to those around you, and we will be available as much as we possibly can be from tomorrow morning. For this week you do not need to inform us of your decision in advance just attend your exam as planned if you have chosen to do so. Further guidance will be issued for the following week.