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BE NICE SOCIALHazel Fisher has been teaching at the Sudbury-based Learning Centre since 1995, sharing her passion and love for yoga with hundreds of students over the years.

One of our popular yoga teachers has celebrated her retirement at the ripe age of 83 – after teaching yoga for 24 years.

Hazel Fisher, who lives in Sudbury has been teaching at the Sudbury based learning centre since 1995 where she has shared her passion and love for yoga with hundreds of students over the years.

Gill Corke, Sudbury Learning Centre Manager said: “Hazel is an inspiration to us all and what an advert for yoga she is! Hazel is an absolute diamond and I wish her a happy and healthy retirement. We worked out that Hazel has taught at least 3500 hours of yoga to our students – what an achievement!”

Hazel who specialises in teaching yoga to help people with arthritis said: “I will miss it, I have severe arthritis and yoga has always helped me. We have laughed over the years – some of the positions we go in or fall out of we have needed a sense of humour along the way!

Hazel continued: “I’ve loved teaching for the college. My preference has always been teaching for West Suffolk College. They have always been so supportive and I would recommend working at the college to anyone – they really do take good care of you.”

Gwen Clephane, 69, from Long Melford said: “Hazel has been my yoga teacher since my son was born 25 years ago. She is an amazing teacher and has always made the classes such fun. For me, Hazel’s classes have always been great for both mental and physical purposes.”

Another of Hazel’s students, Kirsten Robins, 72, from Long Melford said: “I’m so sad Hazel is retiring. She is amazing and has kept me mobile, without Hazel’s classes I would never have been as active as I am; I would have probably been housebound.”

Hazel hasn’t given up yoga entirely – she is now teaching Otago at the Kingfisher Leisure Centre in Sudbury where she helps people who have been affected by strokes and multiple sclerosis.

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