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beccleanne 850pxApprentices Leanne Harris and Becca Baker.

Leanne Harris' story

My name is Leanne Harris, I work in the Customer Services department at Cambridge University Press. I have been employed by the Press for nearly 8 years and I am currently working towards the Level 5 Diploma for Leaders and Managers at West Suffolk College.

At first I offered to coach Becca as it formed part of my third major project in my qualification whereby I had to evidence six hours coaching. Our initial coaching session together began on 2 January, 2019. The first objective was to discuss Becca’s progress on her current goals and targets for the remainder of the financial year. I worked with Becca to help identify some additional goals which she could focus on. By helping Becca to recognise her own challenges and goals I realised that this was proving to be really useful, not only building on my own coaching skills, but also for Becca to put in place goals which would drive her focus for the next 5 months.  We subsequently booked in another session with Becca’s line manager to agree the goals, during which we discussed her career progression and development opportunities at Cambridge University Press.

As part of this discussion, Becca expressed an interest for process mapping as this was part of her long term career aspirations. Myself and her line manager were then able to organise some Visio training for Becca to develop her skills.  Following on from this, Becca applied for a process mapping secondment role. To help her prepare for this opportunity we arranged another coaching session on 31, January, 2019 whereby we prepared for the potential questions which she may be asked and also what questions she could ask the interviewer.  Becca found out a few days later that she had been successful and was offered the position. I am really pleased for Becca as I think this role is a great step forward for her career progression and is something of interest to her.

The coaching helped me trial different techniques to help coach effectively. I carried out reflective practise to help me identify areas for improvement to practise in the next sessions.

The course gave me the skills to put into practice by exposing me to different techniques such as the “GROW” method. A big thank you to Becca for allowing me to practice my coaching skills and huge congratulations as she deserved to be appointed the role through her hard work and preparation.

Becca Baker's story

My name is Becca Baker and I am the Customer Services Apprentice at Cambridge University Press. I am in the final stages of completing the Level 3 qualification in Business Administration at West Suffolk College.

Leanne approached me in the New Year asking if I would be available for her to coach me as part of her management course. This is something I was extremely interested in, not only to help with her project, but for my own learning and development (especially from a Senior Supervisor within the department like herself.) We discussed what would be beneficial for us to go over and career progression was top of my list.

The coaching really helped me break down what I wanted to achieve within the next 5 months. We discussed extra training I could do along with any goals I wanted to reach - one of these being to get involved in Process Mapping. Leanne set up Visio training to help develop my skills in this sector and I was able to get a better understanding of what was involved within the process. Not long after this, a secondment position was advertised for process mapping specifically. I applied and Leanne arranged more coaching to go over interview prep and answer any other questions I had. I found out a few days after that I was successful and got the position! Even though I had a previous interest in this, Leanne helped pursue this aim and I am extremely thankful for her time in helping me prepare and coach me.

The course helped me throughout this process in many ways especially when it came down to communication and project management techniques which we regularly go over in our one-ones and group sessions.

I would like to say a big thank you again to Leanne for the coaching she provided. Her coaching style was proven extremely effective and I am very much looking forward to starting my new role.

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