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The Wind in the Willows castAbdel-Megid, Will Newbury and Ben Pryke

The poster for a new film called The Sheriff has been revealed as the post production stage of a major movie project nears completion.

Filmed last year in Suffolk and Norwich, the 15 minute short has been created by West Suffolk College tutors and students who worked alongside various professionals working in the film industry.

1The Sheriff Movie Poster

Director Ben Pryke is the course director for film at West Suffolk College (and also director of The Sheriff). Ben said: “Students are currently editing, working on visual effects (VFX) and music students are working on the film score.  The trailer will be released very soon. We’re hoping to screen it publically, potentially on a landmark in the Bury.

“The last project we were involved in (called Maximus) was nominated and received a number of awards. We are hopeful that the Sheriff will have a similar impact.”

Work for The Sheriff initially began in 2021 when Ben created a scriptwriting competition and Tom Critch’s effort was chosen out of many entries from globally based screenwriters.

On choosing the script and on the film in general, Ben continued: “Since and during Covid, there’s been a tendency for lots of films to become social commentary pieces, holding up the mirror to the negative side of life. We shortlisted seven scripts and decided as a group that with The Sheriff, we wanted to make something fun that was the antidote to all of this. We can’t wait for people to see it.”

5Drew McClenaghan and Jacob Breach

Jacob Breach, 16 from Thetford is a level three film and media student. Jacob said: “I’ve finished editing the trailer and now we are just working out what music to use. It’s pretty cool (being involved).”

Drew, McClenaghan, 16, from Bury St Edmunds has also worked on post production. Drew said: “We’ve been working on 17 scenes for five months. It’s time consuming but I think it (The Sheriff) will be a success. I had no clue I’d have an opportunity to work on something that could potentially win awards. I’m hoping the experience will help me get into the industry.”

Zaki Abdel-Megid, 16, lives in Ipswich. The level three film scholar said; “We are currently working on the VFX for two major scenes. I want to work in VFX after education so this has been a positive learning experience. The film is an interesting concept and we have had industry support. It’s a funny story and there is lots of meaning behind it. I can’t wait for others to see it on the big screen.”

6Drew McClenaghan

Will Newbury, 17, from Beyton is in the final year of his level three film and media course, he said: “This is massive for me career wise – especially with me going to university next year – I’ll be way ahead of the game and I’ll be getting an IMDB credit whilst still at college.”