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Hedgehog house created by carpentry and joinery students at West Suffolk CollegePictured is one of the Hedgehog Hotels at West Suffolk College - we're on a mission to make the campus super-friendly for hedgehogs. 

Warm hedgehog hotels that have been crafted and built by our carpentry and joinery students have been placed across the campus in an effort to encourage hedgehogs to enjoy.

Carpentry and Joinery students built a range of high-quality houses for hedgehogs to place around campus. Lecturer in Wood Trades Will Morgan is proud of the sustainable way in which the hedgehog houses were built, using valuable wood that may otherwise have gone to waste. “We used all scrap material for this work, costing around £30 for each hedgehog house for the material,” he said.

These hedgehog houses have sloping roofs to make sure rain water runs off quickly so they are extremely high quality and practical. 

Huge thanks to everyone involved in making these beautiful hedgehog homes and we're looking forward to hedgehogs visiting. As soon as the first hedgehog visits, they'll leave a scent trail which will attract even more hedgehogs. 

Building hedgehog houses 2
Building hedgehog houses 1

Building hedgehog houses 1
Building hedgehog houses 2
Building hedgehog houses 3
Building hedgehog houses 4
Building hedgehog houses 5
Building hedgehog houses 6

How to create your own hedgehog house