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Sustainability Centre Team

To view the biographies of our team, simply click on each picture.

  • Chloe Ennis - Sustainability Development Coordinator
  • Dora Martinez Carbonell - Sustainability Initiatives Coordinator
  • Joanne Chandler - Head of Finance & Sustainability
  • Richard Carter - Lecturer of Finance & Non-exec Director of IEMA
  • Andrew Wheeler - Head of Place 21 and Funding for Sustainability Centre
  • Chloe Ennis - Sustainability Development Coordinator

    Chloe is the business and network face of the Sustainability Centre and has responsibility for the development of the Centre. One of her main roles is supporting SME's across New Anglia in adopting sustainability into their business models, as well as supporting and advising the college itself to embed sustainability from an institutional perspective. She will also be working to create a network in this sector globally, collating resources and case studies from external streams and from businesses she works with.


    ‘‘My core values are working towards sustainable development using circular models for the environment, people and economy through collaborative, inclusive and actionable work. I hope one day to see a much fairer world for all people and work alongside nature rather than against it.


    Sustainable adaption in my opinion cannot be a small segment on one side of a business or an attachment- it must be embedded across all areas of operation at the core and ultimately intertwined with everything. Adopting sustainability principles has an impact on everything from climate change, social justice, our mental health, and connecting with nature. These are all linked and need one another to thrive sustainably. I hope by working together with others, people can make a recognisable change to our world. Working with people on the ground and not just by a book will be crucial to create much needed systemic change.’’


    Before joining West Suffolk College, Chloe completed her MA in 2018 and has worked with start-ups, international NGO's and academic institutions influencing social and environmental factors. At the end of 2020, Chloe also started her own online business called Sanana to show the life of products within a supply chain. This is now developing into an education-based platform. 

  • Dora Martinez Carbonell - Sustainability Initiatives Coordinator

    Dora is the internal face of the Sustainability Centre. She provides advise to the different departments at the college, supporting teachers to embed sustainability into the curriculum and engaging students in the subject through workshops and teaching. Being an IEMA Associate, Dora also delivers IEMA certified training to local businesses and professionals interested in implementing sustainability at a both operational and strategic level.

    Dora is an Environmental Scientist by training, and a registered IEMA Associate. She has extensive experience in education for sustainability, having developed and implemented sustainability programmes at the University of Oxford and worked with local communities in the UK, engaged international travellers into local sustainability in Iceland, and co-founded and participated in educational initiatives for young and mature students in Portugal and Spain. Her areas of interest include leadership for sustainability; empowerment through education; systemic transformation; climate and social justice; bottom-up and cross-cutting sustainability strategies; stakeholder engagement.  

    "Sustainability is now a business need as well as the purpose of a whole generation. Different surveys prove that millennials - who are the next generation of customers, employees, and CEOs - are highly concerned about environmental sustainability and social justice. They see beyond the immediate demands of the Covid pandemic, envisioning a better place, with fairer systems and a healthier environment. We must also realise that to achieve the Prime Minister’s post-Covid-19 recovery plan for a ‘green industrial revolution’ and our legal commitment to net zero in less than 30 years, significant reskilling and training is needed.

    Sustainability is collaborative and all-hands-on-deck by definition, cutting across industries and the different areas of operation in a business, and feeding from a vast range of disciplines – from engineering and design to hospitality and social care. Sustainability requires not only knowledge in the subject, but also capacity and skills for actioning bottom-up, transformative strategies. Creating synergies by working in parallel with teachers and students, and businesses, will be key for our societies to do such transformation. And this is exactly what we do here at the Sustainability Centre at WSC.”

  • Joanne Chandler - Head of Finance & Sustainability

    Joanne is Head of Accounting, Finance and Sustainability at West Suffolk College. She has worked as a senior accountant for over 15 years within the private, public and third sector.

    During this time, she gained extensive experience of accountancy, primarily in the NHS and research sector, as well as lecturing in many leading institutes.

    "It is my belief that all communities whether businesses, schools or local communities need to recognise the need to live in harmony with the natural world to protect the survival and wellbeing of all communities and takes action to enrich society for the benefit of people and planet.

    One of the reasons for setting up a sustainability centre at West Suffolk College is that we hope by engaging with thousands of people in the local community and further afield, our passion for change and education will make a difference to the natural world.

    Our goal by promoting innovation, creativity and an exchange of expertise and ideas, we look to increase collaboration and facilitate wider networks all thriving to a brighter future."

  • Richard Carter - Lecturer of Finance & Non-exec Director of IEMA

    Richard is a lecturer in accounting and finance at West Suffolk College with a primary interest in the business case for sustainability. Previously, he was head of finance and sustainability at Adnams plc, the award-winning brewery and distillery based in Southwold, famous for its eco-distribution centre, its energy efficient brewhouse and its 240,000 honey bees. Under Richard's tenure, Adnams won 15 major awards for their sustainability achievements, all of which were linked to clear financial business cases.

    Richard holds a first class accounting degree from the University of Wales and is a chartered management accountant. He held a series of commercial finance and controller roles at BT before joining Adnams.

    Outside of work, Richard is on the board of the National Trust / Ashden's Fit for the Future network, the ICAEW's sustainability committee and is a non-executive director at IEMA.

    ‘’There's no doubt that we have to respond to that, by reducing our impacts and preparing for or adapting to the consequences. But this is a big and complicated topic, particularly for smaller organisations who may not have the knowledge or capital to make the changes that are required. For me, this was a key reason to establish the sustainability centre. Sharing resources, expertise and experience will help members address the challenges. It provides support and encouragement in what can be a difficult (and sometimes lonely) profession.’’

  • Andrew Wheeler - Head of Place 21 and Funding for Sustainability Centre

    Andrew Wheeler has a connection to further education going back to the 1970s!  He became an FE lecturer in the 1980’s and then moved into tourism in the 1990’s, managing a major tourism attraction, creating a group travel marketing company and later in the 90’s heading up a local authority tourism department. Andrew also completed an MBA at this time – specialising in business planning for tourism.  From 2000 Andrew capitalised on his funding knowledge and bid ‘know-how’ creating a funding consultancy which he ran until 2012.  During this period, Andrew designed, developed and delivered two major national ESF projects for the British Hospitality Association, and successfully bid for many other projects in the tourism, culture and creative industries, and wrote several skills plans for regional bodies including Shaping Norfolk’s Future, a forerunner of New Anglia LEP.  Going back into FE in 2013, Andrew has lectured across further and higher education at West Suffolk College before creating a framework called PLACE 21 which has become a delivery vehicle for ‘skills convergence’ -  the idea of bringing the classroom closer to the world of work and vice versa.  Andrew currently is Head of Curriculum Initiatives at West Suffolk College, responsible for delivering PLACE 21 projects in the region.

    “Really looking forward to seeing the Sustainability Centre develop.  This is such an important initiative for the college and for the region.  The European Social Fund always looks at how organisations embed sustainability into their projects, and with this initiative we aim to provide a springboard for sustainable development across the wider economy.” 

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