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Employability & Enrichment

There is more to learn than can be taught in the classroom or the workshop. All our students benefit from extra opportunities to enrich their studies and discover what it takes to be a success.

While most courses at West Suffolk College have a distinctive mix of practical and academic work, they also have clearly defined goals. Whether your aim is to go on to higher education at university, or to begin a career, it helps to broaden your experience, to understand what universities or employers are looking for, and to have a wider understanding of the world around you, informing your work as well as your personal statement.

Business connections to start careers

West Suffolk College has a commercial outlook. You sense that when you come to visit. While its purpose is to prepare students in the best way possible for their futures, whatever they choose to do, our eye is fixed on the goal that most have for a successful career.

Our connections throughout the local and wider economic landscape create big opportunities for students in all areas of the College.

For apprentices we have established relationships that create openings from entry level to advanced and in a wide variety of industries.

In most courses there are incredible opportunities for work placements and experience – from spending a week running a stage at Glastonbury, to answering a live brief for consumer brands, from working in the pit lane in motor racing, to designing for the runway of international fashion weeks.

The wealth of knowledge our tutors hold, born out of their industry experience, combined with the connections they bring, create amazing opportunities at every level for students at West Suffolk College.

Being ready for work

Employers rightly demand more than knowledge of your subject. They look for a whole range of skills, attitudes and behaviours that define potential in recruits. We aim to help students develop those qualities while they study here.

Through employability workshops and sessions we help to uncover what it takes to be a success in the workplace. We’re aiming to build confidence, the ability to make decisions, and take responsibility in all our students.

The strength of character that results is widely praised by employers who are able to spot a West Suffolk College student for all the right reasons.

Enriching experience with travel and discovery

Every course needs to deliver inspiring moments throughout the year. They help to maintain students’ enthusiasm and ideas, and focus their attention on the wealth of possibilities open to them.

Among the activities different courses offer you might find field trips to foreign cities (recent visits included Berlin, Rome, Madrid and New York), visiting speakers from professional sport, business leaders, celebrity chefs, actors, musicians, and artists, site visits to prominent local employers, and entries to national competitions.

See our news pages to read more about recent activities