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The success of nations in international sport demands an educated, thoughtful and scientific approach to performance management. You could be part of that story, with the energy and commitment you bring.

The FdSc Sports Coaching and Development is designed to develop the essential skills and knowledge needed to reach your full potential in a fast-paced industry.

Through the course follows the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) model, and the sets you on the path to becoming a licensed profession (National Coaching Foundation 2008). This programme of study is responsive, flexible and as current as possible, encouraging a culture of self-reflection and continuous professional development.

The staff team includes only university lecturers and sporting professionals, coaches, and guest lectures given by other industry figures.

You will investigate the theoretical underpinnings of optimal coaching practice and will have personal coaching sessions recorded and analysed for evaluation. A solid scientific understanding of the make-up of the human body is an essential foundation to all athletic development and is covered in great detail along with the finer details of sporting performance through systematic analysis and assessment of teams and individuals.

The local, national and international contexts for sports will be studied, considering such issues as funding, race, gender, media, disability, and diversity barriers. The intricate workings of the sports development framework and funding streams will be dissected to allow you to understand how to access organisations and how to compete within the business side of the sports market.

Key vocational skills are promoted and integrated throughout the course with various assessment methods used including; written and practical examinations, reflective journals, essays, group presentations, individual presentations, oral exams, multiple-choice exams, practical video and notational analysis, practical coaching sessions and a research project.

Full downloadable information regarding all University of Suffolk courses, including Key Facts, Course Aims, Course Structure and Assessment, is available in the Definitive Course Record.

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