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The Edmund Lecture Series


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The Edmund Lecture Series 2019-20

Degree Studies at West Suffolk College is excited to announce the 2019-20 public lecture series with speakers covering a wide range of topics.

The lectures all take place in the E1.01 Lecture Theatre in Suffolk House, the Degree Studies building at West Suffolk College, Out Risbygate.

These are free events open to everyone, we particularly welcome the attendance of students.

Book a space on one or more lectures:

If you would like to come along to experience any of the lectures please email Rosie to book a space: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

16 October 19

Mark Bills, Director of Gainsborough’s House in Sudbury Suffolk

Gainsborough’s House, and transforming single artist homes and studios

The lecture explores the development of Gainsborough’s House and the issues and opportunities surrounding single artist homes and studios. Gainsborough House is currently undergoing a £9 million project to create a national centre for the artist.

20 November 19

Rebecca Elliott, International author and illustrator

The myth of talent and the unpredictable path of creativity

Successful author/illustrator Rebecca Elliott shares the (many) failures and ups-and-downs that led to her career today. She postulates that ‘talent’ is an unhelpful and largely erroneous concept. It can discourage the ambitions of those starting out whilst fostering ‘imposter syndrome’ in those already active in the creative field. She argues for sheer determination, practical optimism and acceptance of failure as necessary ingredients for a successful creative life.

11 December 19

Dr John Greenacre, Lecturer in History, University of Suffolk

‘In Flanders Field the Tourists Flow...’ Tourism and the Landscape of the First World War Western Front 1914-2018

Visitors have been motivated to travel to the First World War’s western front in France and Belgium for over a century. Over that time the landscape of the western front has developed in layers and the recent centenary of the Great War has caused debate over how these layers should relate to each other and the visitors. Dr John Greenacre, a frequent tour guide on the former battlefields, examines how the motivation of visitors to the western front has changed and how they have interacted with the layers of the landscape over the past one hundred years.

29 January 20

Dr Rebecca Pinner, Lecturer in Medieval Literature and Culture, University of East Anglia

When is a Viking not a Viking? St Edmund and the Vikings in Medieval Manuscripts

An exploration of the curious ways in which the Vikings who martyred St Edmund are depicted in medieval illuminated manuscripts from Bury St Edmunds.

19 February 20

Professor Mark Bailey, University of East Anglia

The Black Death in late medieval England

The Black Death of 1348-9 is the greatest catastrophe in recorded history, and occurred at a time of severe global climatic instability. This lecture, drawing on examples from East Anglia, explores the main human responses to the environmental upheaval.

25 March 20

Andy Leeder, Chief Examiner for Geography GCSE at Eduqas

A world of stereotypes!

Often stereotypical views shape the way the British public see the world; that said, we are not unique in this trait. Is this through ignorance, or perhaps an unwillingness to rethink our attitudes as the world changes around us? This talk explores such stereotypes and why we should seriously consider changing our thinking.

29 April 20

Georgia Philip, Researcher and Lecturer at the Centre for Research on Children and Families at the University of East Anglia

Fathers, Families and Children’s Services: Insights from new research on father engagement

Georgia Philip shares insights from her work on two major projects looking at fathers’ experiences of child protection services and of care proceedings, to argue why, and how, child welfare professionals can work more effectively with fathers.

27 May 20

Edward Startup, Programme Manager for the organisation ‘Beyond Carnism’ (founded by international author Dr Melanie Joy) and the Centre for Receptive Vegan Advocacy

Can veganism save the world?

This lecture explores the ecological, ethical and health claims made for the benefits of a vegan lifestyle for the individual and society. The opportunities and challenges faced by veganism as a social justice movement are considered.

24 June 20

George Morton-Jack, British Historian and Lawyer

The Untold Story of the Indian Army in the First World War

This lecture re-traces the footsteps of the Indian army (1.5 million men) who in 1914-18 served about the globe from Europe to Africa, Asia and the Indian Ocean. After years of neglect George Morton Jack raises the curtain on this forgotten history.

Degree Studies at West Suffolk College