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Training and development is an investment. But isn’t everything in business? It’s good to know that there are always new schemes and grants, funding options and claw-backs to make it more affordable.

We work in connection with both Government and local authorities who look to support businesses through supporting their staff training and recruitment.

Grants to support staff training, recruitment, capital investment on buildings and equipment are often available to local employers.

West Suffolk College will help advise your organisation if any grants are available and work with you to ensure you have all the details required.

Current Grants and Funding

Apprenticeship Levy

The taxman giveth, but not until he hath taken away… This is a tax initially, but the money you pay is held in a training account to spend on Apprenticeships.

Find out more about the Levy and how to use it.

Traineeship funding

When you employ trainees, the government funds the classroom training they receive.

Find out more about traineeships

Supported internships

Making room in your business to assist potential employees with disabilities can have surprising benefits. Supported internships are fully government funded.

Find out how to hire an intern on the Supported Internships programme

Other opportunities are often available

For more information about current grants, funding and investment opportunities, visit the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership website here.

To see if any other active grant schemes are available please contact us on 01284 716 246 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.