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This programme is validated by, and leads to an award of, the University of Suffolk.

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UCAS Code: CQ83
Institution Code: S82


English and Applied Psychology have different theoretical underpinnings, methodologies and academic conventions but human behaviour is the common ground between these subjects.  Whether studying individual or group psychology, deviant behaviour or the psychology of emotion, literature offers examples to illustrate concepts and theories in Psychology.  Psychology, in turn, provides models of behaviour and analytical methods which can be applied in the study of literary characters and scenarios.  In these and other ways, this combination provides a valuable opportunity to develop versatile skills and flexible intellectual perspectives in two mutually complementary subjects.

The English element of the course introduces students to the three major genres of poetry, prose fiction and drama in the first year.  In the second and third years modules offered include, among others, Shakespeare, The Gothic Novel, Modernism, Postwar Literature and Twentieth Century Fiction.  Traditional and contemporary theoretical approaches and relevant intellectual movements and background are also covered.  The English modules are designed to provide breadth in their coverage of literature, enriched understanding through inter-disciplinary connections and thorough training in skills such as independent critical thinking, oral and written communication, research and teamwork. 

The Applied Psychology element of the course prepares students for the diverse career opportunities within psychology as a discipline, the methods employed by psychologists to advance knowledge and understanding of the human condition and a comprehensive theoretical understanding of human behaviour.  In the second and third years, specialised modules on Criminality, Psychopathology and Deviance; Cyberpsychology, Health Psychology and Individual Differences in the Workplace, enable a real world understanding of the application of psychology today.

Extra-curricular activities

The study of English is enriched by organised visits to the theatre and also to museums, galleries and conferences when appropriate.  There is an annual trip to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London and there are occasional foreign residential visits.  These have included trips to Berlin and Paris in recent years. Guest speakers are often invited to deliver a lecture and there is an annual student conference. 

The study of Applied Psychology is enriched by organised visits to research laboratories as well as other important and relevant locations. 

Visiting speakers

Enrichment is also provided by academics from other universities who are regularly invited to give guest lectures.  This is enormously stimulating for students who gain new perspectives on the theme or period being studied. 

Among comments from students are the following:

'A brilliant experience all round; it has really changed my life by giving me confidence in my abilities as well as introducing me to some fascinating books.'

'The course is very interesting and challenging.  The lecturers are always enthusiastic and very well-informed about their subjects.  There is always a lot of very helpful feedback on essays.'

'Extremely well-organised.  The learning builds upon itself to the point where you feel confident in tackling the next part of the course.'


Graduates in English and Applied Psychology may develop careers in fields such as forensic psychology, counselling and occupational psychology.  They are also well-prepared to enter careers such as teaching, administration and management, the civil service, journalism, librarianship, media and marketing.  Some of these routes will require a postgraduate qualification and suitably qualified candidates may progress to MA or PhD study.


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Starting September 2019

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Ask us a Question

If there is anything more you would like to know about this course, please message us here.

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