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Edmunds Lecture

Five things you (almost certainly) didn’t know about the Spanish Civil War: Exploring the background to the Spanish Civil War, including Suffolk links to the conflict, Franco’s use of Battlefield Tourism as a propaganda tool; the strange role of the British Establishment in Spain during the war; the final days; and what happened next. Wednesday 24th April 2019, 6.00pm till 7.00pm

Religious Studies & Ethics

Faith and Justice Conference: speakers from various different religious traditions (including Sikh, Christian, Muslim, and Pagan) reflect on how their faiths define justice and how they tackle injustice both within their communities and in the world at large. Wednesday 10th April, 10.30am till 4.00pm.

Sociology and Psychology

Foucault and Biopower: an introduction to the ideas of French sociologist Michel Foucault and his ideas about authority and control over life in society, and the interrelated views of Achille Mbembe on control over death. Presented by Robin Herne. Tuesday 14th May 2019 – 1.30pm till 4.00pm

Narrative Psychology: an introduction to the psychology of storytelling and its therapeutic applications in understanding our own lives and those of other people. Presented by Robin Herne. Monday 20th May 2019 – 1.30pm till 4.00pm